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Our goal is optimal oral health for each individual that walks into our office. This commitment is backed by our genuine enthusiasm for our patients, our industry, and our work.

When you work with our team here at American Dental of LaGrange, you will discover that we all exhibit a genuine warmth towards those that we care for, are highly respectful of all individuals and their individual needs, and that care and consideration is the core of all that we do and offer our people.

American Dental of Georgia

Experienced in GA Dental Services

We are experienced, in terms of dental services offered throughout the State of Georgia. Our genuine and comprehensive commitment to your dental health, the restoration of your smile, and your beauty shines through with each and every visit to our office.

Extensive educational training, comprehensive clinical experience, state-of-the-art technology, and the latest innovations in the dentistry industry combine together in our practice to ensure optimal results for our most valued asset, you.

Network of Specialists

We Can Cover Any Need

We are part of a comprehensive network of specialists. As a result, regardless of your oral health needs, we have the ability to cover it.

As one of the top providers of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and sedation dentistry in the State of Georgia, we are consistently working to advance our care, equipment, and technique.

By becoming a valued member of our facility, we guarantee the absolute best in services and procedures. You’ll be glad you chose us to cover all of your dental needs!

Dental Services for Adults and Children

Cleanings snd Prevention

Cleanings & Prevention

Prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth clean. We offer comprehensive dental exams, gentle, professional cleanings, digital x-rays, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments and more.

Restorative Procedures

Restorative Procedures

We offer a host of dental restorative procedures, including fillings, root canal therapy, dental implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, partial dentures, teeth-whitening procedures and more.



Straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Braces correct crowded teeth, crooked teeth, overbites, underbites and more. Both invisalign braces traditional braces are available.



Are you frightened by a dentist, or do you experiences an immense amount of anxiety at the thought of having dental work performed? You may benefit from one of our sedation procedures.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Generally speaking, there are two types of extractions. These are identified as “simple” and “surgical.” Find out which type of procedure is right for your individual situation.

Special Needs

Special Needs

American Dental of LaGrange knows and understands the fact that caring for those with special health care needs takes a high level of knowledge, comprehensive understanding, and an immense amount of compassion.

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If you have questions about our dental services feel free to contact us at 706-837-0123 or simply go to our Contact Us page.

Otherwise, you can schedule an appointment by clicking on the "Click Here to Schedule Your Appointment Today" button.

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At American dental of legrange all of us take being a dental office incredibly sincerely. We realize that unquestionably when people are shopping to obtain a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares these people desire the top. Unendingly we all endeavour to really be the best dental office we all can possibly be inside GEORGIA. It's our resolve to truly becoming the finest that has gained us all extremely good honor with our backbone customers.

Being a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares all of us in addition always endeavor to take the time to hear all of our clienteles' issues patiently and devoid of impatience. We invariably make an effort. We really feel it's extremely vital to be sure clients feel recognized and cared for.

Now there are truly not too many dental office who maintain the exact knowledge and know how to identify their service as being leader for their industry. Merge this together with a very high level of consumer support and we really feel we are the finest wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares in GEORGIA.

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We are thrilled to explore your current dental office needs in depth over the phone or maybe through email if perhaps that is best in your case. Following this we can easily suggest the answer which idealy fulfils your situations needs. Find out why people refer to us as the most effective wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares!

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Commitment to Great Quality - A Wonderful LaGrange Based Dentist That Cares and A Wonderful LaGrange Based Dentist That Cares

Our dedication to top quality is actually extremely substantial. When you are looking to be a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares or a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, there is certainly seriously not one other route but to really do your level best in order to outshine. In case a given purchaser will require additional care, all of us give that buyer added care. Whatever is necessary for us to be confident they will be happy with us all as a dental office. Keep in mind, we support all of GEORGIA, and so make sure you phone us.

Dedication - A Wonderful LaGrange Based Dentist That Cares and A Wonderful LaGrange Based Dentist That Cares

Our valued purchasers have identified our services as a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares and furthermore the leading GEORGIA headquartered dental office that exists! This does not just happen unless there is exceptionally diligent toil plus resolve for the businesses buyers and also the high quality of your completed work. If perhaps you are looking around to get a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, we certainly contend that we are the most effective choice. Simply call American dental of legrange to go over what you want today! 9022706207.

Experience - A Wonderful LaGrange Based Dentist That Cares and A Wonderful LaGrange Based Dentist That Cares

In almost any landscape, knowledge is definitely a top ingredient impacting good results. If perhaps you're needing a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, well then this point can be much more accurate. As a dental office, we can certainly tell you in person that the ultimate end result will be decided simply by the practical experience of the business that you're hiring. The enormously substantial degree of knowledge which American dental of legrange has as a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, is certainly the reason a person should really trust us for your valued patronage. If you're searching to get a wonderful LaGrange based dentist that cares, trust in American dental of legrange. Please communicate with us without delay.

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