Dental Implants

According to statistics, the success rate of dental implants measures in at anywhere from 85% to 90%.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an artificial-based replacement option that is designed to compensate for either a missing tooth or a missing root of a tooth. There are several instances where dental professionals will recommend implants in place of a denture device or a dental bridge.

Dental Implants: More Stable AND More Comfortable Than Dentures

Not only are dental implants more stable than dentures, but they are also considered to be the more comfortable option. Not only do these dental devices allow you to chew easily and retain total mouth functionality, but they may optimize your facial features and improve your speech.

Essentially, dental implants are anchors that look similar to screws and are cylinder-shaped. They are surgically inserted directly into the jaw bone to create a highly stable and extremely durable base for artificial teeth. The anchor serves as the “root”.

The Surgical Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure is surgical in nature and consists of the following steps:

  1.  First, the implant cylinder is placed directly into the bone of the jaw. Its placement is reflective of that of a natural root of a tooth.
  2.  Immediately after placement, the bone is allowed to grow and develop around the dental implant. During this process, it is covered for as little as three months or as long as six months.
  3. Once the bone has developed around the dental implant in a satisfactory manner, it is uncovered and an extension – referred to as a “post” – is attached. This will then stay while the gum tissue heals over the course of two to three months.
  4.  Once the area has completely healed, the foundation is now ready for a new tooth. This may be a crown or other type of artificial-based replacement for the natural tooth. It is then attached to the dental implant.

Success Rate

According to statistics, the success rate of dental implants measures in at anywhere from 85% to 90%. If you are considered to be in relatively good health, your gums are generally considered to be healthy, and you have a strong bone structure surrounding the mouth, dental implants are likely to be recommended for you.

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