Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is another method in ensuring optimal oral health.

Fluoride Treatments

Dental caries – which is commonly referred to as “tooth decay” – is a complication that is caused by acidic producing bacteria that accumulates in the mouth called “plaque”. Productive home oral hygiene strategies, the use of interdental cleaners, flossing, and regular dental checkups are critical to ensuring that the teeth and all of the surrounding soft tissue and bones that support the teeth are healthy.

Fluoride Treatment Can Increase Your Oral Health

Fluoride is another method in ensuring optimal oral health. This special mineral aids in preventing the development of dental caries and also assists in repairing the teeth. There are two types of fluoride treatments that may be administered. These are identified among professionals as “topical” and as “systemic”.

Topical Fluoride Treatments

Topical fluoride treatments are those that are directly applied to the enamel on the teeth. Products such as toothpastes that contain fluoride and mouth rinses that contain the mineral are considered to be topical treatments. Additionally, treatments received in a professional dental setting are considered to be topical fluoride treatments.

Systemic Fluoride Treatments

Systemic fluoride treatments are those that are considered to be safe to swallow. Examples of the products that classify as systemic treatments include water that has increased levels of fluoride, and dietary-based supplements of fluoride. In some instances, fluoride-containing products may be purchased over-the-counter; in other instances, these products may require a prescription from a dental practitioner.

Moderate to High Risk Patients Require Professional Fluoride Treatments

If you are a patient that is considered to be “moderate” or “high” risk for the development of dental caries, you will require professional fluoride treatments to ensure optimal oral health. The following outlines situations and characteristics that place a person in these categories for the development of tooth decay:

  • People who have poor oral hygiene habits will require professional fluoride intervention.
  • Individuals that currently have dental caries will need help from a dental professional.
  • Those that suffer from any type of eating disorder may need in-office fluoride treatments.
  • People that have a substance abuse disorder, consume alcohol, or use any type of tobacco product should engage in professional fluoride treatments.
  • Dry mouth sufferers should pursue professional fluoride treatments.
  • Poor nutrition and/or diet could call for fluoride treatments.
  • Those that have dental work in place should always use fluoride.
  • Defects of the enamel of the teeth and exposure of the root surfaces calls for professional intervention.
  • Individuals that are undergoing any type of radiation – particularly of the head and/or neck – should pursue professional fluoride treatments.

Fluoride treatments provided in a professional setting are ideal for all; however, those at moderate to high risk for the development of tooth decay, especially. The dental fluoride is a higher concentration than that found in common over-the-counter and prescription mineral products.

These treatments may consist of fluoride that is in the form of a specially-designed water-based solution, a foam, a type of gel, or even a varnish. In some instances, it is as simple as a rinse.

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