IV Sedation

IV sedation is a type of sedation that utilizes a sedative, which is administered directly through a vein of the body.

IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation is becoming increasingly popular in dentistry. This is especially true for those that are so fearful of dental procedures that they avoid obtaining the care that they need to remain healthy.

Stay Relaxed During Your Dental Procedure

Sedation dentistry is a special class of dentistry that utilizes various types of administered medications to assist a patient in the process of relaxing for a procedure. These medications are also highly effective in preventing pain.

IV sedation is a type of sedation that utilizes a sedative, which is administered directly through a vein of the body. This form of sedation occurs very quickly and the medication utilized may be adjusted quickly and easily.

IV Sedation Helps Keep You Pain-Free AND Semi-Awake

IV sedation places a patient in a semi-awake state. Most are able to continue communication; however, will have very little to no memory of what took place during the dental procedure.

Common procedures that call for IV sedation include the extractions of wisdom teeth, the placement of dental implants, and others that are considered to be “invasive” by a practitioner.

The Benefits of IV Sedation

There are many advantages associated with using IV sedation in dentistry. These include the following:

  • The method in which the sedative is administered (directly through a vein) allows for a much higher level of sedation compared to other sedation dentistry techniques, such as inhalation sedation.
  • There is very little wait time for the IV sedation medication to take effect.
  • Based on research that evaluated various forms of sedation in dentistry, IV sedation resulted in the quickest recovery time. Both oral sedation and general type anesthesia took a quite long time, in terms of recovery time.
  • IV sedation helps in eliminating the common gag reflex, which aids in ensuring the dental procedure goes smoothly and is much easier to perform.
  • This form of sedation allows the patient to retain conscious during the dental procedure, yet, very little is remembered from the procedure.
  • Individuals that suffer from an immense amount of anxiety and fear benefit from IV sedation because it relaxes them so strongly.

Fearful of Dental Procedures? IV Sedation Dentistry May Be Right For You!

If you have a fear of the dentist, are anxious about dental procedures, or need to have extensive dental work done, IV sedation may be right for you.

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