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Beachbody Coach-What Does Yoda Have to Do With Leads For My Business?

When you become a beachbody coach, unless you're already a master marketer, you're pretty much like Chewbacca. Now, if you've never seen Star Wars (you must be joking), then let me tell you about Chewbacca.

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He was what's called a Wookie. Chewbacca was big and strong, however he relied mostly on brute strength to accomplish whatever he needed to. As a brand new beachbody coach, you'll most likely be the same way. Excited about your business, you'll run out and tell all your friends and family about your new business with all the grace and poise of Chewbacca.

You will convince some friends and family to join your beachbody coach team just by brute strength and sheer enthusiasm. However, most of them will either be afraid to talk to you anymore for fear of being sold something, or totally confused about what it is that you do, because your explanation was pretty scattered. That's what Wookies do, but the faster you grow out of this phase, the better.

The problem, though, is that many a beachbody coach before you has failed in the Wookie phase of their business, too. Unfortunately, a greater percentage of coaches, and network marketers in general, just haven't been taught how to market their businesses beyond this point. So many people with potential to have been tremendous leaders in our industry, instead die on the vine, and become bitter about even considering an other business opportunity.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach Jedi Master

There are actually three additional phases that your business CAN expand to as a beachbody coach. The determining factor of whether you will ever reach the level of Yoda in your business is YOU, and your ability to learn and apply some basic concepts repeatedly. Those expansion phases are:

Solo Phase

Jedi Phase

Yoda Phase

On my beachbody coach team, we have a definite plan to help our new team members reach jedi phase within their first 90 days in business with us. The very sad fact is that most network marketers don't even realize that jedi phase exists. Or, they think it's a myth, like the jedi itself. But I assure you, jedi phase is very real, and attainable for those willing to commit to the training necessary to reach it.

Your beachbody coach upline is not the most important person in your business. Carl Daikeler is not the most important person in your business. The people you sponsor on to your team are not the most important people in your business. No, the engine that makes your business go is YOU.

If you will commit yourself to learning how to generate leads, and convert those leads into coaches and customers, you will find your inner Yoda along the way. The secret to being a top beachbody coach lies within the untapped potential already inside of you.


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