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One of the toughest things for me to do is appreciate somebody. Actually, that's wrong. I appreciate a lot of people. One of the toughest things for me to do is SHOW that appreciation to them, through words, cards, actions, etc. It's one thing to be thankful for someone who has helped me out along the way. It's another thing entirely to call them up and express how thankful I am, to sit down and write them a card, or to take them out to coffee and thank them in person.

Showing my appreciation for others is something I've never quite grasped. Sure, I'll say "thanks" on Facebook or any other social media site I've wrongly adapted as my main communication tool, but truly showing my appreciation is something I still need to learn.

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I was told about this site the other day called Appreciation Whack. On this site you can sign up to send appreciation cards to those you are thankful for, whether they're employees, friends, or clients. It's not an E-card; it's an actual card in an envelope with a stamp on it and everything. It will show up in their mailbox. And it will be free. The people who run this site understand the value in showing your appreciation to others.

That being said I'm not sure I'll use it. I hope instead I'll be encouraged to send the cards myself. I hope I'll start calling people and writing people. I hope I'll start letting others know I'm thankful for what they've done. I challenge you to do the same. Call someone. Write someone. Thank Someone.

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