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Sometimes, it is difficult to wind down after a demanding day at work. When it's always full of stress and anxiety, you will always feel tense and worn out if you don't allot time for relaxing. If you don't take time for yourself, the stress will gradually build up. So instead of feeling harassed and beat-up, take a good break and dial the stress down with these 10 tips that can help you unwind after a hectic working day, and thus making you a more effective worker the following day.

1)Leave your work at the office-Make a firm commitment to yourself that you will not bring workload back home. If you don't take the time to relax, you will definitely not perform any better the following days.

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2)Wind down your workday early-Before leaving work, make a list of what you need to achieve and what you'll have to tackle the following day. Youll have plenty time to complete your tasks and leave feeling like you've wrapped up your day productively.

3)Make sure that the ride home is enjoyable-Listen to an audio book or your favorite playlist. A few minutes of doing something that you enjoy helps you diffuse the stress.

4)Reduce clutter-Its not a pretty sight coming home to a dirty house. The clutter adds to the stress and it can be overwhelming. Before the week starts, find some time to tidy up the house. A clean house is a happy house (and a happy house owner).

5)Eat your favorite or energizing food-Food often delivers the energy pick-up desired when you feel flushed. Perhaps you can reward yourself a chocolate bar after a tough day of work.

6)Prepare a snack and watch a movie-Store food that are easy to prepare, like popcorn and your favorite drink. Play your favorite movie or surf the channels on your cable. Watching movies is a great way to take your mind off work. If you're not much of a movie fan, you may opt to unwind by keeping a work journal.

7)Exercise-Physical activity helps to bump up the production of endorphins which is your brains neurotransmitters. Besides the relieving of stress, it also improves your mood since they also can improve your sleep (which is disrupted by stress, depression and anxiety)

8)Take a relaxing hot bath-Warm water relaxes your body muscles and rids your body of stiffness and sore joints. Immersing yourself in hot water before bedtime causes your body temperature to rise, which enhances your ability to fall asleep faster.

9)Make your sleeping area comfortable-Sleep helps your brain work properly. If you are deprived of sleep, you may have trouble in making decisions, solving problems or even controlling your own behavior. Get enough quality sleep and you will function well the next day.

10)Go to bed early-Sometimes, the best thing we can do is get some additional sleep after you devote a specific time relaxing. You will find yourself revitalized and ready to start a new day!

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