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Don't Ever Doubt That Inclusion Won't Work!!

I have been battling inclusion for my son his whole life. Well this summer has really paid off and I have to thank the Navy Child and Youth Programs for making it happen.

For the past several years it has been a challenge to find my son a place to attend summer care, and after school care. This past summer I was able to place him in the Navy CYP program for the first time due to them having a new and safer facility. It was a welcome change. The staff welcomed him with open arms, and eager to learn all about Down syndrome. The kids have included him, and also have made him feel very welcome, and he is now just one of the boys!!

Well today surpassed my expectations!! At least for the first summer anyway!!

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Every year the youth program has the Missoula Children's Theatre come out and work with the children. They have auditions, and within a weeks time are putting on a production for all the parents. When I approached the staff about letting my son try out I really was not sure how he would do. He tends to be very strong willed, if you know what I mean. They thought it was a fabulous idea and we all agreed if he would not be cooperative or if the staff from the children's theater thought it would be to much, then no worry. At least he got to try!

Well to my surprise he made the audition and will be in the play!!! He has a long week ahead of him but I know he can do this. It did help that one of the persons from the production actually has a brother with Down syndrome so she completely knew how to handle all ofChristopher'squirks andsilliness!

As a mom I could not be more prouder than today!! I can't wait till Friday to see the show!!!!

Oh the play is Jack In The Beanstalk and He is one of the circus people! Who would have thought! My silly boy!!

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